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A Statement

"It's very easy to tell an audience what a work of art means, but the audience should always interpret their own perspective dialogue into the space. Then, and only then, will an art piece reveal it's true identity."

January 2021

The works in this space are meant for time stamps of moments in my life, as well as designs for healing. The idea behind 'medicines' and 'cures' imply a tainted body. When we remove the connotation of being fully-capable or perfect, medicine becomes a tonic for soothing the bumpy journey. A bubbly tickle that can relieve an inner drought without removing the history of the soil below.


Would you like a personalized work?

Please use my open contact form on the home page. I definitely love sharing the conversation of interpretation via email. Email can be a very exciting form of expression-- so let loose!



For information on my whereabouts, stay in touch via the instagram channel.

For immediate contact - contact my manager!


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