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Illustrator & FiNE ARTIST

Summer Clarke

fish illust.png
"Space is very different from what you would capture with a camera or in a more intellectual fashion. It’s through emotion that space changes."
- Masaaki Yuasa

Atlanta, Georgia 
BFA Illustration - SCAD Class of 2018

The earliest lesson I can recall is that anything I do productively should contain personality, consistency, and be meaningful. As an early illustrator, I present these attributes in many forms whether it be tactile or 2-D. Adjacently, I am creating work that carries a meta-cognitive and lineal cocktail of style. Both my parents, also artists, raised me with an eye for visual design and pride in my product. I develop close relationships with my projects by blending concept with character, environment and storytelling. With all this in mind, a true, successful work of art is made from a well driven passion for self, imagination and process.

My goals allow for this experience to really grab hold of the receiver while saturating the atmosphere surrounding their moment with the piece. To accomplish this, I never let the day end unproductively. I prefer to be etching away in my studio or grinding graphite in my sketchbooks. Creating a daily dance with illustration and visual development is a journey that
exposes new ideas. Who doesn't love taking broad steps into unknown territory? At the end of a long dive, its all for the sake of adventure!


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